Milling journals of the past. How Milling was printed

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    Cookson, Mildred M [Author]

    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2020 September

    Medium Digital

    Arts, culture and heritage
    People and communities > Mill organisations


    Scope & contentOver the last few months of lockdown I have been increasingly impressed by how smoothly the publication of Milling and Grain proceeds. Working from home, digital communication supports us in many ways; thank goodness it also enables the production of high quality printed journals. This train of thought set me thinking about the early days of Milling, the ancestor of today's issue.

    An interesting well-illustrated article in the August 15th, 1903 issue of Milling described how the journal was printed in the days when digital only meant "of the finger". The first issue of Milling appeared in 1891, published by The Northern Publishing Company Ltd. The magazine was the brainchild of George James Short Broomhall, described by John Maynard Keynes as the "greatest practical statistician of our age" when he died in 1933. His stable included the Liverpool Corn Trade News, which first appeared in December 1888, renamed The Corn Trade News in 1890 and Broomhall's Corn Trade News in 1895… Read more.


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