Bread of Britain

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    Hurst, A H [Author]

    Publisher Oxford University Press
    Year of publication 1930

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    Economics & commerce > Data & reviews


    Scope & contentA detailed economic and commercial argument for more Government regulation of the market and prices

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    Divisions within this publication

    • 1: Why Great Britain became the Classic Country of the Wheat Trade
    • 2: The Functioning of the Wheat trade as a Free Market in Great Britain
    • 3: The Effect of the Free Grain Market on Economic Theory
    • 4: Repercussions of the Free Wheat Market on British Trade
    • 5: The Grain Trade during the War
    • 6: The Post-War Situation
    • 7: Recapitulation: The Previous Position of the Wheat Supplies of Great Britain Abroad as Compared to the Post-War Position
    • 8: The internal Situation in Great Britain with Reference to Wheat Purchases
    • 9: Constructive Policies
    • 10: The Glut of Wheat