What chance can do. The story of Flour World

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    Year of publication 2015

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    Scope & contentIt was pure chance that washed the eccentric idea up at his feet. While taking a walk on the beach in Dubai in 1998, Volkmar Wywiol stumbled over a piece of plastic sheeting with writing in Arabic. The find turned out to be a flour sack from one of his customers. “I saw that as a good omen in keeping with our company motto, ‘Mühlenchemie makes good flours even better.” The “stranded flour sack” became the foundation stone of a collection.

    Transformed into a work of art, the plastic bag now hangs in the entrance hall of Wywiol’s Flour Museum. “It certainly is a crazy idea”, he admits. The businessman, who is still a managing partner of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe at the age of 80, developed his collection into a Gallery of Flour Sacks with motifs and symbols from every corner of the earth that testify to the strength inherent in wheat… Read more.


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