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    English titleThe roller mill: construction and function
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    Gemsjäger, Helmut [Author]

    Publisher Agrimedia
    Year of publication 2013

    German (main text)

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    Cereal processes > Flour milling
    Energy & power > Development of technology


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    To this day, the roller mill is the machine with the greatest precision and efficiency for the selective shredding of many bulk materials. In the flour milling industry in particular, the roller mill is indispensable for processing bread grain into baking flours. Thus, its importance for people can be roughly measured. It is a machine that must not cost a lot in terms of design, manufacture and operation, but must nevertheless meet the high requirements of food production in every respect, which should be easy to operate, with low energy consumption and as maintenance-free as possible. The service life of roller mills is calculated by the operators not in years but in decades.

    So far there is almost no literature on the design and functions of this machine family. The book is intended to close this important gap and give young professionals such as the experienced miller a comprehensive insight into the technical details of roller mills. Current solutions for roller mills and flaking mills are presented and their backgrounds are highlighted. A look at the development history is also taken. The meaning and purpose of the individual assemblies and their interaction are highlighted, as well as the reasons why a certain design solution is favored.

    At the end of the book is a collection of brochures about roller mills from the past 80 years. It is intended to commemorate companies that built or are still building roller mills and introduce the different types throughout the history of the roller mill.

    Helmut Gemsjäger worked for decades in the development of roller mills for a major international mill construction group. With this highly informative work, he succeeds in conveying his extensive knowledge in a practical manner.

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