Corn Trade Memories: recent and remote

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    Broomhall, G J S [Author]
    Hubback, John H [Author]

    Publisher Northern Publishing Co Ltd
    Year of publication 1930

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    Economics & commerce > Cereal products


    Scope & contentEmphasis on the Liverpool corn trade (see chapter titles below).
    In addition there is a “Resumé Concerning some Characteristic Personages” under the following headings:
    Foreigners; Scots; North of Ireland; West of Ireland;
    Extension of Branches; The Liverpool Parish Vestry; Volunteering;
    The Corn Laws;
    Chiefly Liverpool and Lancashire men; Sportsmen; Public Service

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    Divisions within this publication

    • 1: Introduction (18th century corn traders)
    • 2: The story of the corn exchange
    • 3: The former Atlantic Newsroom
    • 4: The Central
    • 5: Changes in the grain trade
    • 6: Sources of supply in the 19th century (wheat; maize)
    • 7: Development of the milling industry in England
    • 8: American wheat in sixties
    • 9: Irish trade of long ago
    • 10: Consequential damage at sea
    • 11: Railway rates and water transport facilities
    • 12: Memories and notes of about 400 individual members and firms
    • 13: Chairman, Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the Liverpool Corn Exchange Association
    • 14: The Association Clearing House and 3 secretaries (John Hanny; John McGurk; FWG Urquhart)
    • 15: The Liverpool Corn Trade Guild
    • 16: Wheat prices during five centuries (with tables)