A Miller and his Mill: the story of John Else and Warney Mill

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    Cooper, Judith [Author]

    Publisher Midland Wind & Water Mills Group
    Year of publication 2020

    Medium Book

    Wind & watermills by Region > England > Derbyshire

    Scope & contentA beautifully illustrated book about the life and times of John Else, miller at Darley, and the mill he rebuilt in 1860 and ran for 22 years. Well-researcherd and based on family papers in the possession of the author. For more details see the flyer attached

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    Divisions within this publication

    • 1: Introduction
    • 2: History of Warney Mill up to 1869
    • 3: Building the mill
    • 4: Mill construction workers
    • 5: Expanding the business
    • 6: The milling business
    • 7: Warney Farm
    • 8: Mill employees
    • 9: John Else's life and his family
    • 10: History of Warney Mill after 1869


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