Flour Milling booms in China

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2020 July

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    Scope & contentChina has a new flour mill! It's an 1800-tonnes-per-day mill with four production lines.
    Called the 'Number 8 Workshop', it is located in Darning near the
    'Darning Number 7 Workshop' and came online on June 20, 2020,just as Milling and Grain's July edition was preparing to be publish.

    The two mills are located in Darning County, near the south­eastern city of Handan in Hebei Province, and situated in one of the world's biggest wheat-producing regions.

    With the addition of the 'Number 8 Workshop' this mill brings the Wudeli Flour Mill Group's total daily output to 47,000 tonnes! That's requires a staggering 17 million tonnes of wheat per year based on a seven-day continuous production schedule.

    "It is the most intelligent and automated wheat milling factory equipped with high-rack warehousing, all-automated packaging machines and pelletisers," ssays the Wudeli Flour Mill Group in a short press statement...Read more.


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