Paper Mills and Paper Makers In England 1495-1800/ Monumenta Chartae Papyraceae Historiam Illustrantia or Collection of Works and Documents Illustrating the History of Paper- VI

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    Shorter, Alfred H [Author]

    Publisher Paper Publications Society, Holland
    Year of publication 1957

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    Manufacturing > Paper
    Arts, culture and heritage > Collections of importance


    Scope & content600 copies. From the Preface: "Dr. Shorter's research work on the historical geography of the paper making industry in the British Isles began in 1937. The work which now follows speaks for itself: it fills long-existing lacunae in the information regarding the early centuries of the art of paper making in England. As compared with similar studies in continental regions, it may be said that the history of British paper making has been regrettably neglected.

    We are convinced that this study, the result of many years of assiduous research and exploration of unsuspected sources, will serve as an exemplar to the many as yet unrevealed workers in our chosen field, several of whom have come to the fore since the inception of our Society eight years ago.".