Windmühlen: Symbole einer Landschaft in Oldenburg, Ostfriesland, im Emsland und Osnabrücker Land

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English titleWindmills: symbols of the landscape in Oldenburg, East Frisia, Emsland and the Osnabrück region
Authors & editors

Hashagen, Ingo [Author]
Popken, Adolf [Author]
Rodiger, Hans-Bernd [Author]

Publisher Verlag C. L. Mettcker & Söhne
Year of publication 1988

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Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland


Scope & contentVolume 2 Ostfriesland, Emsland & Osnabrucker Land

Summary Translatio
nIllustrated gazetteer of the windmills of North-west Germany, covering East Frisia, Emsland and the Osnabruck district. The brief introduction outlines the important role once played by mills in the area, their decline and efforts to preserve and restore them. Their uses included drainage, husking and groats. It describes the Gifhorn international mill museum, and gives a more detailed description of the working of a gallery mill.The major part of the book consists of photos of named mills with an outline of their history and their millers.In addition to colour and black-and-white photos of mills, their mechanisms and the landscapes, the book contains some reproductions of historical documents and photos of stamps featuring mills. Inside the front cover is a list of the mills described and a map showing their locations, and inside the back cover is the reproduction of a 1754 decree about mills and a diagram of a gallery mill.

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