Mühlen um Lübeck: Wasser- und Windmühlen vom 13. bis zum 19. Jahrhundert

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    English titleMills of the Lubeck area: water and windmills from the 13th to the 19th centuries
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    Thormann, Rudolf M G [Author]

    Publisher Schmidt Romhild
    Year of publication 1993

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    Wind & watermills by Region > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland

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    A round-up of wind and water mills built before 1827 in the Lubeck area. The first chapter deals with the early history of the mills, their construction and the status of millers. The second chapter covers mills that disappeared more than 200 years ago to give way to new defence works: nothing of them remains and very little is known about them. The next chapter looks at the different uses to which mills were put in general, their construction and those who used them: flour mills, oil mills, paper mills, hammer mills, polishing mills, fulling mills, timber mills, tanning mills. The fourth chapter describes in detail the wind and water mills included on an 1827 map of the area, including information about their locations and millers. The fifth chapter covers some specific legal disputes between millers and locals, and laws attempting to deal with smuggling.The book ends with an index of known millers, a conversion table of Courant marks, Lubeck marks and schillings to Deutschmarks, and of old Lubeck weights and measures to metric equivalents.The book is richly illustrated with diagrams, photos and maps.
    KeywordsMillwrighting, Milling, Germany, Timber, Textiles, Paper, Oil, Iron & steel, Cereals, People, Archaeology & history

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