Principles of construction and efficiency of water-wheels

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    Donaldson, William [Author]

    Publisher E & F N Spon
    Year of publication 1876

    English (main text)

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    Energy & power > Water power

    Scope & contentThis technical and mathematical book examines all the principles of the construction and efficiency of waterwheels and turbines. Part I investigates the effect of the impulse of water against vanes, the general principles of construction, and the efficiency of the of the different classes of waterwheels. Part II describes the efficiency, principles, and details of construction of the working parts of the three classes of turbines - outward, inward and parallel flow. Appendix I Summary of Smeaton's experiments. Appendix II Further remarks on the magnitude of the relative velocity before and after impact and on the statical measure of the impulsive pressure exerted by a jet against a vane. Two tables of the results of experiments. Contains an inserted errata at the beginning of the book to pages 89, 91-92.

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