Alles ist schon einmal dagewesen: Historisches und aktuelles aus der geschichte des nutztiers und der mühle

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    English titleEverything has been there before: the history of domestic animals and the mill
    Authors & editors

    Barański, Anton [Author]
    Hedige, Heini [Author]
    Combem, Norman [Author]
    Gleisberg, Hermann [Author]
    Zintzen, Clemens [Author]

    Publisher Roche, Basel
    Year of publication 1975

    German (main text)

    Medium Book


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    Book published by Roche to mark the 30th anniversary of the synthesising of Vitamin A and 20th anniversary of the marketing of Vitamin A in powder form for use in the animal feed industry.

    The general subject is domestic animals and the mill. Only one of the five main chapters, written by Hermann Gleisberg: History of livestock; Poultry farming in the Middle Ages; On the meaning of the animal in magic and cult of Greco-Roman antiquity; History of the mill which deals with mills, covering their history from ancient times to the present, including querns, hand mills, water mills and windmills, animal power, roller flour mills and mentioning the folklore surrounding them; History of the mixed feed industry.

    The book is illustrated with diagrams and reproductions of historical pictures..

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    • Notes: Dust jacket; Dedication by (?F.) Gleisberg, dated 30-03-76