Emder Mühlengeschichte

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    English titleA history of the mills of Emden
    Authors & editors

    Janssen, Dietrich [Author]

    Publisher Gerhard Verlag
    Year of publication 1985

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland


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    A look at the mills of the area of the town of Emden in Lower Saxony. After a very brief introduction about the history of the town mills and their depiction on maps, the book describes the different types of windmill: postmills, paltrock mills, tjaskers, and Dutch mills.The main section of the book tells the history of 36 individual mills in more or less detail, with information, where known, about their construction, evolution, auxiliary buildings, final fate, their millers and agreements concerning them.

    The different mills were used for grain, groats, timber, oil, powder, tanning, fulling, mustard, chocolate and pumping. In some cases very little is known.The book also shows four sail positions conveying different messages.It is illustrated with old maps, diagrams, reproductions of historical documents and black-and-white photos.

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