Mühlenflügel und Wasserrad

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    English titleMill sails and water wheels
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    Mager, Johannes [Author]

    Publisher VEB Fachbuchverlag
    Year of publication 1987

    German (main text)

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    Energy & power > Development of milling technology


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    The book concentrates on the use of wind and water mills for industrial purposes, taking examples from Germany and from abroad, mainly the Netherlands.It starts by considering mills, saltworks, smelting and hammer works in the past and present landscape before looking at what is known about milling and millwrighting in history.

    It goes on to discuss in detail the transmission mechanisms, and the different kinds of water wheel and different kinds of windmill. It then looks at the use of mills in different types of craft and industry: grinding (flour and ore); stamping (paper, oil, powder, bones); metallurgy (bellows, hammers, cutting, wire); sawing and polishing (timber, polishing, marbles, wood pulp, wood shaping); pumping stations for water and brine.

    It ends with a list of mills and museums that can be visited in the GDR, a conversion table for weights, measures and currencies formerly used in different parts of Germany. There is also an index of personal names and one of technical terms.The book is richly illustrated with photos and historical diagrams.

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