Mills of Great Easton

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    Hughes, John C [Author]

    Publisher Bringhurst Press
    Year of publication 1986

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    Wind & watermills > England > Leicestershire & Rutland


    Scope & contentDescribes the historic windmills, watermills and horse mills in the parish of Great Easton, Leicestershire, situated at Bringhurst, Easton Cottingham, Drayton, and Caldecott. The watermills were situated along the Eye Brook. Mention is made that links Collingham mill to the Monastery at Peterborough and a 13th century windmill in Easton with the Augustinian Priory at Bradley in the neighbouring parish of Holt. Owners and millers include the names of Nevill, Brown, Allett, Lank, Bellairs, Kirke, Vice, Woodcock and Haddon. Millers mentioned from further afield who married into Easton families include: Rowlatt of Wilsford (Northamptonshire), Hill of St Clements Windsor, Syralt of Oxford, Kirkby and Brown of Medbourne.

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