Pedro Bernardo Villarreal de Bérriz (1669-1740): semblanza de un vasco precursor

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    English titlePedro Bernardo Villarreal de Bérriz (1669-1740): biographical sketch of a Basque innovator
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    Ruiz de Azúa y Martínez de Ezquerecocha, María Estibaliz [Author]

    Publisher Fundacion Juanelo Turriano

    Spanish (main text)

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    Mining & extraction > Iron
    People and communities > People & families

    KeywordsSpain & Portugal, Iron & steel, People, Archaeology & history

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    • Notes: Dust Jacket; Basque; English and French summaries; Prologue written by José Maria de Areilza; Pedro Bernardo Villarreal de Bérriz, ironmaster and shipbuilder, wrote a book called "Hydraulic machines of mills and forges and government of the trees and mountains of Vizcaya"