Transactions of the Tenth Symposium of The International Molinological Society

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    Year of publication 2000

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    Scope & contentA History of American Roller MillsAn Example of American Influence in Portuguese Traditional WindmillsA Nabantina, an automatic Portuguese water mill (1890)How Efficient were Horizontal Waterwheels?Watermills in the North West of SpainThe Export of Wind Engines Manufactured in North AmericaReverse Engineering the Moulin Pendant [France]An American Wind Engine for Bath, England: The Odd Down WindmillInternet - a Useful Tool, Researching on Molinological AspectsA Mighty Drop-tower: The Watermills in the Kotsiphou Gorge of Southern CreteThe Competitive Testing of Wind EnginesWater-driven Reciprocating SawsOil Mills in Switzerland in the 19th and 20th CenturiesWooden Grain Measures in Britain - or Made for Measure, Much Ado about SomethingWaterwheel-driven Sawmills in Japan - The Tenryu River SawmillThe Technology of Boticas Watermills [Portugal]Milling and Marketing in the New Millennium [USA]Windmill "De Hoop" at Breda-Princehage [Netherlands]The Hopper BoyNew Uses and Strategies for Mill Preservation in PortugalThe Norre Snede Windmill Case 1846 to 1848 [Denmark]Reconstruction of Water Lifting Pump at Konda Area in Tsukuba City, JapanThe Life of Oliver EvansGazetteer of Guernsey WindmillsSPOOM's Legacy [USA]Flowerdew Hundred: The Archaeological Discovery of the First Windmill in English N. America

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    • Notes: Transactions of the symposium held in Stratford, Virginia, America 16-24th September 2000