Windenergie in praktischer Nutzung: Räder, Rotoren, Mühlen, Windkraftwerke

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English titleWind energy in practical use: wheels, rotors, mills, wind power plants
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von König, Felix [Author]

Publisher Udo Pfriemer Verlag
Year of publication 1981

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Energy & power > Wind power


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The introductory pages consider the use of energy and the wind as an energy source, including ways of measuring it. The next section looks at windmills, rotors and wind generators through the ages and in different parts of the world.

It includes unusual uses of wind power, including proposals for military uses such as tying beehives to sails and flinging them at the enemy. It goes on to discuss major wind power projects, recent research into windpower and the economics of wind generated energy.

The book is richly illustrated with diagrams and historical reproductions.There are some newspaper cuttings glued in the front cover and inserted in the pages.

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