Technische Kulturdenkmale

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    English titleTechnical monuments
    Authors & editors

    Loewenstein von und zu, Hans [Author]
    Petersen, Otto [Author]
    Schiffner, Carl [Author]
    Hertwig, August [Author]
    Matschoss, Conrad [Author]
    Lindner, Werner [Author]

    Publisher F. Bruckmann
    Year of publication 1932

    German (main text)

    Medium Book


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    The book documents industrial buildings and machines mainly, but not exclusively, in Germany, richly illustrated with black-and-white photos, in order to record them before they disappear and to encourage their preservation. There are also a few diagrams showing cross sections of windmills.It covers buildings of different types and purposes in addition to mills, including pumps, cranes, wells, presses, smithies, glass and metal foundries, bridges, weirs, lighthouses and railway stations. The mills illustrated include horse mills and floating mills as well as a number of different types of wind and water mills. In addition to mills for grinding flour, others are oil mills, marble mills and paper mills.The chapters are written by different authors, giving a history of the use of the buildings in industrial development.

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