Vom Berg- und Huttenwesen

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    English titleOf mining and metallurgy
    Authors & editors

    Agricola, Georgius [Author]

    Publisher Deutsche Taschenbuch Verlag
    Year of publication 1980

    German (main text)

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    Scope & contentSummary Translation

    A modern German translation of the 12 books of the classic text originally published in Latin as De Re Metallica in 1556.The book contains 273 woodcut illustrations from the original edition, with translated labels.It also contains a translation of Agricola’s work on animals that live underground.The appendix includes a biographical sketch of Agricola, and an essay about mining and metallurgy in Central Europe in the 16th century.Three indexes list the illustrations; the animals and subjects covered in the main text.
    KeywordsMining & quarrying, Iron & steel, Archaeology & history

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