Zuid-hollands Molenboek

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English titleSouth Holland Mill Book
Authors & editors

Caarten, A Bicker [Author]
Van der Berg, H J [Author]
De Kramer, I J [Author]
van Hoogstraten, M [Author]

Publisher N Samsom NV
Year of publication 1961

Dutch (main text)
English (summaries only)

Medium Book

Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Benelux


Scope & contentForeword by the Royal Commissioner for the province of South Holland.Note by D. van der Kwaak, chairman of the Provincial Mill Commission.Preface to the second impression by the authors.
The first section, ‘The mills of South Holland’, has chapters (illustrated with pictures and diagrams)

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  • Donor: JSP Buckland Collection
  • Notes: First impression

Divisions within this publication

  • 1: Types of mills
  • 2: History of the types of mills
  • 3: The industrial mill
  • 4: The drainage mill
  • 5: Present position of the windmill
  • 6: Task of the province
  • 7: Some special features(followed by a bibliography)
  • 8: Supplement incorporating a pair of sets of accounts of medieval mills.
  • 9: An inventory of mills as of 1 January 1965
  • 10: register of mill, village and polder names
  • 11: register by inventory number
  • 12: alphabetic inventory by parish; three maps.