Les moulins de Montmartre et leurs meuniers

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    English titleMills of Montmartre and their millers
    Authors & editors

    Maillard, Lydia [Author]

    Publisher Le Vieux Montmartre
    Year of publication 1981

    French (main text)

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > France


    Scope & contentSummary Translation:
    A guide to the mills and millers of Montmatre, (specifically La Butte/ “the hill”) once a country village, now situated in the eighteenth arrondisement of Paris. A chronological list of fourteen mills in Montmartre is given in the introduction, along with their construction and demolition/ ‘disappeared’ dates. List of Mills: Moulin de la Galette Le Moulin de la Lancette Le Moulin du Palais La Petite Tour ou Tour à Rollin La Grande Tour ou “Grosse Tour” Le Moulin de Brouillards Le Radet ou “Moulin Chapon” Le Moulin de la Fontaine Saint-Denis Les Moulin des Prés ou “de la Béquille” Le Moulin Neuf Le Moulin de la Turlure Le Moulin à Poivre Each section also includes citations from historical documents, for example from official records of land/ mill owners and workers. Each section also includes a poem on mills in Montmartre, or other areas of Paris, written by various poets and authors, including Alphonse Daudet. Family trees and genealogical information of key people is included at the back of the book.

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