Boat mills in Europe from early medieval to modern times

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    Graf, Daniela [Author]
    Harverson, Michael (1937–2017)
    van der Drift, Leo

    Publisher TIMS
    Year of publication 2006

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    Medium Book
    SeriesBibliotheca Molinologica
    No. in series19

    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB)
    Energy & power > Watermills


    Scope & contentA study on the history of the use of water power and its importance in Europe. Contains descriptions and diagrams of watermills, explaining their development from early medieval to modern times. Records the known locations of boat mills in Europe, including descriptions.

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    Divisions within this publication

    • 1: Introduction
    • 2: Water power
    • 3: The mill - laws, traditions and legends
    • 4: Sources
    • 5: Known location of boat mills in Europe
    • 6: Historical and geographical classification of the boat mill
    • 7: Environmental conditions contributing to the introduction of boat mills and to different types of construction
    • 8: Typology of boat mills in various parts of Europe
    • 9: A comparison with previous typological tables
    • 10: Components and mooring of boat mills
    • 11: Other materials processed on boat mills
    • 12: Accidents involving boat mills
    • 13: Archaeological finds
    • 14: Preserved boat mills
    • 15: Reconstructed boat mills with a new function
    • 16: Gazetteer
    • 17: Maps
    • 18: Bibliography