Volkskunst der lage landen 2: wagens, sjezen, arren, windmolens, volksprenten [cars, carriages, sleigh, windmills, folk prints]

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    English titleFolk art of the low countries 2
    Authors & editors

    de Haan, T J W R
    Vos, H B [Author]
    Caarten, A Bicker [Author]
    de Meyer, M [Author]

    Publisher Elsevier
    Year of publication 1965

    Dutch (main text)

    Medium Book

    People and communities > Folklore & customs


    Scope & contentThe book is divided into three sections: a section on vehicles by Vos, followed by a section on windmills by Caarten and then a section on folk art and prints by Meyer.

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    • Shelf location: A058-DEH
    • Notes: Dutch Language; gift dedication in front; book contained a number of loose images of mill plaques etc possibly cut from a magazine and hand labelled;