Molens en Klederdrachten in Nederland

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    English titleMills and costumes in the Netherlands
    Authors & editors

    Warnaars, H B E [Author]
    Hijlkema, Mej M A [Author]

    Publisher Tieleman & Dros
    Year of publication 1949

    Dutch (main text)

    Medium Book

    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Benelux
    Arts, culture and heritage > Drawings, paintings & photography


    Scope & contentBy H.B.E.Warnaars (mills) and Mej. M.A.Hijlkema (costumes)
    The first section is entitled ‘Molens in Nederland’ (Mills in the Netherlands). An introduction is followed by chapters: About the mills in general - describing the different types of mills to be found in the Netherlands, illustrated with colour plates and detail drawings; Working mills and the types of products they process; Operation of water-mills or drainage mills, including detailed drawings of their deployment on polders and their internal workings; Various uses of mills and their maintenance; Decline in mills and prospects for the future.

    The author refers to his organization “De Hollandsche Molen”, which was founded to preserve and record the inventory of Dutch mills.The second section deals with ‘Dutch costumes’. A general introduction is followed by detailed descriptions of traditional costumes of the country, province by province, with copious illustrations.

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