Inventaris van de archieven van „De Hollandsche Molen”: vereniging tot behoud molens in Nederland te Amsterdam (1921) 1923-1973 (1983). Inventaris van verdwenen molens

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    English titleInventory of the archive of the Dutch Mill Society
    Authors & editors

    Inglot, C W M [Author]
    van der Flier, G [Author]

    Publisher Stichting Molen Documentatie
    Year of publication 1987

    Dutch (main text)

    Medium Book

    People and communities > Mill organisations
    Arts, culture and heritage > Archives, libraries & museums


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    • Notes: Main portion on the archives of „De Hollandsche Molen” 1923-1973 by Inglot;

      Also includes 'Inventory of disappeared mills' by van der Flier; Subtitle translates: 'Association to preserve windmills in the Netherlands in Amsterdam (1921) 1923-1973 (1983). Inventory of disappeared mills';

      Contains errata