Ursella II: Muhlen Fabriken und Menschen am Urselbach

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    English titleUrsella II: Mills, factories and people on the Urselbach: A contribution to the industrial and social history of the Frankfurt area from 1850
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    Petran, Helmut [Author]

    Publisher Waldemar Kramer, Frankfurt am Main
    Year of publication 1980

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland


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    The Urselbach in Hesse had the reputation of having the densest collection of watermills in Germany. The introductory pages cover the water capacity and use of the river at various points since 1880, before going on to chronicle 28 water powered mills, hammer mills and factories from 1850 to 1980, dividing them into those to the north west of Oberursel, those in the old town centre and the development of the southern part of the town.The first of these shows how small mills used i.a. for grain, spinning, and oil gave way to industry, particularly a motor works; the second covers the various town mills and workshops, which included those used for stoneworking, tanning and fulling; and the third the emergence and decline of mills and factories used i.a. for leather, tobacco and a hammer mill which gave way to a chemical works and textile printing enterprise.The book focuses in particular on the changes in use of the various locations, and looks also at the lives of the individuals working there at different times. The author used not only written sources, but also interviews with those involved.The book is illustrated with photos, diagrams and reproductions of historical documents. On the inside front cover is a map of the water mills in 1880 and inside the back a map of the drainage area of the Urselbach and the locations of mills and other works in 1865. It has a dust cover.

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