Städte und Mühlen im Rheinland: das Erftgebiet zwischen Münstereifel und Neuss vom 9. bis ins 18 Jahrundert + the Erft area between Münstereifel and Neuss from the 9th to the 18th century

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    English titleTowns and mills in the Rhineland
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    Kreiner, Ralf [Author]

    Publisher Alano Rader Publikationen
    Year of publication 1996

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland

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    A scholarly account of the history of milling in the region of the Erft, a tributary of the Rhine.The book starts with the geography and topography of the area, and its early settlement and the emergence of towns. It goes on to describe the development of water and wind mills in the area, the streams of the Upper Erft, the construction of millponds and other facilities, the construction of grain mills and later diversification and innovation, the owners – secular rulers, convents and communes – and laws governing mills and milling.

    The second part covers named towns and mills on the Erft and its tributaries, describing in each case such matters as the background, the water supply, the regulations, the owners, mill construction etc.The book is illustrated with photos, diagrams and maps.

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