Die Kölner Rheinmühlen II: edition ausgewählter Quellen des 13 bis. 18 Jahrhunderts mit einer Databank

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    English titleedition of selected sources of 13th to 18th century with a database = Cologne Rhein mills II
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    Kranz, Horst [Author]

    Publisher Alano Rader Publikationen
    Year of publication 1993

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland


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    A scholarly edition of some of the documents in the Cologne archives, of mills and milling on the Rhine in the city. The first two parts cover the period 1276 to 1335, with texts in Latin, followed by an index of places and persons mentioned in them.
    The third part covers documents, in German, on the history of the mills from 1444 to 1603, and the fourth part is an account of milling in 1594 and 1598, including details of output and a list of the private users.
    The fifth part contains drawings relating to construction of the mills in the 16th century. Tucked into the back cover are three sheets with modern diagrams based on drawings of 1531 and 1754.The appendix describes how to use the 5in computer disk supplied with the book.The book is illustrated with a few historical reproductions, and a folding sketch map showing the locations of Cologne bakeries in 1603.

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    • Notes: Pocket on the back cover contains three modern diagrams based on drawings of 1531 and 1754.
      A pocket on the front cover holds a 5in computer disk
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