Die Kölner Rheinmühlen: untersuchungen zum Mühlenschrein zu den Eigentümern und zur Technik der Schiffsmühlen

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    English titleresearch into the mill register, the proprietors and the technology of floating mills = The Cologne Rhine mills
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    Kranz, Horst [Author]

    Publisher Alano Rader Publikationen
    Year of publication 1991

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland
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    A scholarly account of the mills, mainly floating mills, on the Rhine in Cologne, based on a detailed investigation of the register kept from 1276 to 1797. The book concentrates on the period 1276 to around 1370, looking at the nature of mill ownership and the social status of proprietors: archbishop, leading families and associations, and the way in which mills were passed on and their legal status.The final parts of the book deal with the construction techniques of floating mills, including their names and locations; later attempts by local rulers to take the mills out of common ownership; a comparison with mill ownership in Toulouse. It ends with extracts from the sources used, in Latin and mediaeval German.The book contains several tables and a few historical reproductions.

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