Windmolens: Een overzicht van de verschillende molensoorten en hun werkwijze

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    English titleWind mills: a survey of the different types of mill and their operations]
    Authors & editors

    Husslage, G [Author]

    Publisher Uitgeverij Keesing
    Year of publication 1968

    Dutch (main text)

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Benelux


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    Divisions within this publication

    • 1: Preface by the author
    • 2: Oil presses, describes the history and operation of this type of mill.
    • 3: Paper mills, illustrated with diagrams.
    • 4: Grain mills, their history and operation, with diagrams.
    • 5: Sawmills, illustrated with detailed diagrams.
    • 6: Hulling mills, their history and illustrated workings.
    • 7: Dyeing mills, with diagram illustrations.
    • 8: Water-mills, their history, operations and importance in drainage.
    • 9: Fulling mills, with subsidiary chapters on Hemp mills, Snuff mills, Mustard mills, Chocolate mills, Tanneries, Trass mills, Shellfish sand mills, Blueing mills, Grinding mills and Marble-grinders.
    • 10: Trade associations, millwrights. and other specialized occupations associated with milling.
    • 11: Index of mills mentioned
    • 12: List of illustrations
    • 13: Glossary