De Tjasker: een zeldzaam molentype

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    English titleThe Tjasker: a rare mill type
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    Blom, Louis H [Author]

    Publisher Uitgeverij Waanders

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    Water supply & management > Irrigation & drainage

    Scope & contentThis book on the tjasker windmill aims to provide more information on a unique type of wind and water driven drainage mill of Dutch invention.
    It provides an historical background to the tjasker windmill, invented in Friesland in the 16th century remaining in use until windmotors were imported from the USA in the 1930's.
    The technical differences of post and trestle tjasker are described with multiple technical drawings.
    A technical inventoryof the remaining tjaskers is provided.
    The role of millwrights who specialised in the building of tjaskers is described.

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