Kracht van Wind en Water: Molens in Vlaanderen: Molens in Vlaanderen

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    English titlePower of wind and water: mills in Flanders
    Authors & editors

    Bauters, Paul [Author]

    Publisher Davidsfonds
    Year of publication 1989

    Dutch (main text)

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Benelux


    Scope & contentBook 1, ‘The Trade’, is further divided into:Part 1: History of milling with natural energy Chapter 1: The pre-history of milling; physical motive power Chapter 2: Mechanical mills (wind and water)Part 2: Construction and operation of mills Chapter 1: Water-mills Chapter 2: Windmills Chapter 3: Grinding on stone Chapter 4: Various functions of water- and windmills (oil, polder, paper, sawmills)Footnotes to Book 1Book 2: ‘Symbol’, is further divided into:Part 1: Ancient mill rights Chapter 1: Wind and water: rights of the lord Chapter 2: End of an eraPart 2: Present-day mill rights Chapter 1: From the right to capture wind to hereditary use for public benefit Chapter 2: Present-day statutes on mills and millersPart 3: Mills in the imagination Chapter 1: Mills in pictures: a subject through the ages Chapter 2: Mills in words Chapter 3: Mills in the nation’s societyFootnotes to Book 2Epilogue, summarizing the importance of mills in the regional landscapeBibliography List of milling termsIllustration creditsColophon: publishing details

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