Cornelis Corneliszoon van Uitgeest: uitvinder aan de basis van de gouden eeuw

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    English titleCornelis Corneliszoon of Uitgeest: inventor at the beginning of the Golden Age
    Authors & editors

    Kingma, Vibeke [Author]
    Kingma, Jur [Author]
    Groot, Peter [Author]
    de Jong, Andries [Author]
    Bonke, Hans [Author]
    Hoving, Ab [Author]
    Porsius, Nanning [Author]
    Dobber, Wladimir [Author]

    Publisher Walburg Pers
    Year of publication 2002

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    Medium Book

    People and communities > People & families

    Scope & contentDutch language essays on C. 16th millwright with individually authored chapters
    KeywordsMillwrighting, Netherlands, Timber, People, Archaeology & history

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    • Notes: English summary at end; includes inscription to Richard Hills from one of the contributors dated 2002; Subtitle translates: