Baumgartner: Lehr und Handbuch für Müllerei und Mühlenbau

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    English titleBaumgartner: Instruction manual for milling and mill construction by engineer Wilhelm Baumgartner
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    Baumgartner, Wilhelm [Author]

    Publisher Verlag der Wochenshrift "Die Muhle"
    Year of publication 1936

    German (main text)

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    A manual for the Baumgartner company covering all aspects of milling, from selection and preparation of the grain to the equipment of mills and different grinding and crushing processes for grain of different kinds, to grain storage. It also covers the main kinds of grain and various diseases and pests and how to deal with them. The main body of the text ends with a look back over milling through the ages. An appendix describes some new machinery of interest to millers. It is illustrated with relevant diagrams throughout.

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    • Notes: Originally published in 1931.The book, despite the date of publication, is printed in Roman script. This copy appears to have been issued originally as the 4th edition of September 1933, but a note glued to the title page states that it is the 5th edition of 1936. A brief new foreword has also been glued below the foreword to the 4th edition. However, these glued slips do not appear to be covering anything up.