Mühlen und Menschen: 40 jahre mühlenerhaltung in Schleswig-Holstein und in Hamburg

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    English title40 years of windmill conservation in Schleswig-Holstein and in Hamburg = Mills and people
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    Christiansen, Sievert [Author]
    Haack, Dieter [Author]
    Heesch, Walter [Author]
    Karstens, Uwe [Author]
    Weiss, Rudiger [Author]

    Publisher Edition Barkau
    Year of publication 2000

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland


    Scope & contentSummary TranslationA collection of 12 essays by various authors on mills in Schleswig-Holstein. The subjects covered are: 40 years of the association for the preservation of wind and watermills in Schleswig-Holstein; a portrait of one of the founders; the career of millwright Carl Friedrich Trahn; a definition of the concept of master millwright; from Halladey’s wind turbine to large scale turbine facilities; the artisan miller and the decline of their guild; life in the Aurora windmill; the Johanna windmill; the Selker water mill; look back over windmill restoration; Hamburg mills as seen by a conservationist; short description of Hamburg windmills.The book is illustrated with photos and diagrams.

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