Sussex windmills and their restoration: a 1970s perspective

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Pinney, R C [Author]

Publisher Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society
Year of publication 1999

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Medium Book
SeriesSussex Industrial History
No. in series29

Wind & watermills > England > Sussex
Arts, culture and heritage > Traditional millwrighting


Scope & contentContains a history of milling and information about mills in the area in two sections. First section gives locations and directions whilst the second section focuses on their history and renovations.

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Divisions within this publication

  • 1: Origins
  • 2: Design and Construction
  • 3: Types and Development of Sweeps
  • 4: Millwrighting Problems
  • 5: The Condition of Windmills Today
  • 6: Work carried out on Individual Windmills
  • 7: The Decline of the Active Windmill
  • 8: An Awakening of Interest
  • 9: Conclusion
  • 10: Glossary
  • 11: Bibliography