Hungarian mill

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    Takats, S [Author]

    Publisher TIMS
    Year of publication 1978

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    SeriesBibliotheca Molinologica

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    Scope & contentResearch into the working mills of the River Danube between Pozsony and Komarom in Hungary during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Describes the use of the 'real' Hungarian mill, the dam mill, and its construction, as well as boat mills and dry mills. Explains why the use of windmills was rare and how many mills were destroyed during the wars of 1670-1711. Describes how the majority of members of the guild of millwrights were Hungarian, the Hungarians regarding mills as special places which provided refuge for the persecuted. Explains how the importance of mills meant they were targets during wars which needed to be protected.

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    • Notes: Translation by J Sisitka of an article originally published in 1907 in the historical journal 'Szazadok'.