Mills of Surinam

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    Marrenga-Stapf, A J [Author]

    Publisher TIMS
    Year of publication 1977

    English (main text)

    Medium Manuscript/Typescript
    SeriesBibliotheca Molinologica
    No. in series3

    Food (non-cereal) processes > Sugar


    Scope & contentResearch into the use of mills, specifically tide mills, on sugar plantations in Suriname in South America.

    Gives information on the cultivation and production of sugar from sugar cane and how tide mills were used in this process. Includes a description of sugar mills, how they were constructed and a slave's role.

    Explains how animals such as horses and oxen were used to power mills where the tide power was not adequate. Details what is left of the mills and describes plans to reconstruct a water powered sugar mill.

    There were other mills aside from tide and sugar mills, such as wind-driven saw mills and corn mills. Includes sketches and diagrams of the sugar mills and people at work there (poor reproductions).

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