Molens: een eerste kennismaking met een boeiend fenomeen

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    English titleMills: a first introduction to a fascinating phenomenon
    Authors & editors

    Woudt, Klaas [Author]

    Publisher Uitgeverij Bekking
    Year of publication 1981

    Dutch (main text)
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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Benelux


    Scope & contentAn introductory chapter, ‘Nearly a thousand…’, describes the number and variety of mills all over the Netherlands, with illustrations. The different types are covered in subsequent chapters:Horse-driven millsWater-wheel mills‘Standard’ (wind-)millsBeam windmillsTjaskers (Frisian-type screw-driven mills)Spinnekoppen (‘Spider-mills’) Polder millsPaltrok (pawl-driven mills)Tower-millsBeltmolens (elevated mills)More about polder millsStellingmolens (base-mounted mills)These copiously illustrated chapters are followed by a chapter with diagrams, ‘Build your own garden mill’.The next chapter, ‘Looking at mills’, is a field guide to the surviving mills of the Netherlands, their locations and histories.A next chapter is called ‘Something about mill names’ and explains the origins of the names of some Dutch mills. This is followed by the English, French and German summaries.

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