English windmills, vol. 2

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    Authors & editors

    Smith, Donald [Author]
    Batten, Marjorie I [Author]

    Publisher Architectural Press
    Year of publication 1932

    English (main text)

    Medium Book

    Scope & contentContains annotations by Harry Meyer, particularly in the Essex chapter, including a loose sheet of notes. Also contains a loose sheet of a copy of the cover page for the book. Second volume to 7977, also owned and annotated by Henry Meyer.

    Copies held

    Accession no. 7980

    • Shelf location: Special Collections
    • Notes: Previously the property of Harry Meyer; annotated; donated by Arthur C Smith ; vol.1 by M.I. Batten

    Accession no. 21846

    • Shelf location: Special Collections
    • Notes: The author's copy, signed; donated by JH Jackson ; vol.1 by M.I. Batten