Mills of medieval England

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    Holt, Richard [Author]

    Publisher Basil Blackwell
    Year of publication 1988

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    Energy & power > Windmills
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    Scope & contentThis book examines the important role mills played in the medieval economy and society. The author asks why mills and milling grew steadily until the mid-fourteenth century and then steeply declined, why windmills flourished in some areas but not others, and were manorial mills the norm or were there independent peasant mills? The book also covers the profits of milling, the life and status of the millers, developments in milling technology and innovation, the industrial revolution of the Middle Ages, and the end of the Golden Age. Appendices: Early windmill references; The cost of building a windmill; The watermill at Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire: annual rent and maintenance costs, 1319-1484.

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