Archival basics: a practical manual for working with historical collections

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    Arp, Charlie [Author]

    Publisher Rowman and Littlefield
    Year of publication 2019

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    Arts, culture and heritage > Archives, libraries & museums


    Scope & contentThis book is designed for people new to archival institutions. It is an introduction to the concepts, policies and tasks needed to collect, preserve and make archival collections, including digital collections, available to researchers. It is designed for people new to archival management who might not have professional qualifications. There are thirty appendices, templates and documents referred to in the text including the Mills Archive Collection Development Policy. Archival practice in this book mainly relates to the United States.

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    Divisions within this publication

    • 1: Introduction to archives and Archivists
    • 2: Collections policy
    • 3: Appraisal of records information
    • 4: Accessioning including legal ownership and intellectual control
    • 5: Arrangement
    • 6: Preservation
    • 7: Description
    • 8: Housing collections
    • 9: Security planning and disasters
    • 10: Reference and research services
    • 11: Outreach and fundraising
    • 12: Digital records
    • 13: Digitization