Moulins du Cuir et de la Peau: Moulins à tan et à chamoiser en France XIIe-XXe Siècle

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    English titleLeather and skinning mills: tanning and treating mills in France XII-XX centuries
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    Azéma, Jean-Pierre Henri [Author]

    Publisher Creer
    Year of publication 2004

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > France
    Dyestuffs & textiles > Tanning & dyestuffs


    Scope & contentAn historical study of development of tanning mills and associated industries from the twelfth to the twentieth century in France. Chapter 1 is a study of unknown materials used in tanning mills including specific forms of tree bark. It also discusses imports and exports. Chapter 2 documents the tanning mills in France highlighting regional differences in the architecture and machinery, the power source and the environmental laws and regulations on working conditions and environmental. Chapter 3 looks at the development of the tanning industry in France in response to the demand in leather and associated products, in particular the leather factories in southern France. Chapter 4 discusses history of chamoisage, a type of treating or tanning that has become a separate branch of tanning that uses the fragile skin and materials from lambs, goat kids and calves. This chapter also looks at the role of people working in the chamoisage industry.

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