West-Friesland Oud & Nieuw: 73e jaarboek Westfries Genootschap [73rd yearbook of the West Frisian Society]

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    English titleWest Friesland old and new
    Authors & editors

    Over de Linden, Henk [Author]
    Terra, Joke [Author]
    de Vries, Evert C [Author]
    Hoogland, Martien [Author]
    Joustra, Marijke [Author]
    de Graaf, Ronald [Author]
    Lenstra, Margreet [Author]
    Dekker, Ed [Author]
    Zutt, Joop [Author]
    Hoogenboom, Ruud [Author]
    Molenaar, Klaas [Author]
    Kok, Henk [Author]
    Meester, Jaap [Author]

    Publisher West Friesian Society & Uitgeverij Peter Sasburg
    Year of publication 2003

    Dutch (main text)

    Medium Book


    Scope & contentForeword by Ina Broekhuizen-SlotThe king, the ice and death, by Ronald de Graaf, pages 7-27.Practices concerning death and burial, by Margreet Lenstra, pages 28-43.The east of West Friesland loses a parish, by Ed Dekker, pages 44-46.The world in negatives: the Niestadt photographs, by Joop Zutt, pages 47-62.The special church organ at Hoogkarspel, by Ruud Hoogenboom, pages 63-70.De Gouw and the redistribution of land allotments in pictures, by Klaas Molenaar, pages 71-77.Is anything left over of West Frisian? By Henk Kok, pages 78-89.West Frisian, a poem by Jaap Meester, page 90.Dilemmas of a mayor in wartime, by Henk Over de Linden, pages 91-115.Cor de Bakker, chronicler of the auction world, by Martien Hoogland, 116-126.Dialect Division, pages 127-143.Chronicle of West Friesland 2005, by Evert C. de Vries, pages 144-155.Bibliography of West Friesland 2005, by Joke Terra/ Marijke JoustraAdvertisements (mostly in Dutch, one in Frisian)List of membersSecretary's annual report 2005Treasurer's annual report 2005Commissioners' and Trustees' annual report 2005

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