De Nederlandse molen

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    English titleThe Dutch mill
    Authors & editors

    Balk, J Th [Author]
    de Koning, A J [Author]

    Publisher De Driehoek
    Year of publication 1990

    Dutch (main text)

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Benelux

    KeywordsNetherlands, Archaeology & history

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    Divisions within this publication

    • 1: Land of a thousand sail-turners
    • 2: The Dutchmen's dry feet
    • 3: The white world of the miller
    • 4: An invention with great consequences
    • 5: The secret talk of millers
    • 6: The five powers in the land of the sail
    • 7: The mills that Rembrandt looked at
    • 8: A tsar as a mill-maker
    • 9: Of an ape, a swan and a swallow
    • 10: The wind-tool in motion
    • 11: The wind is from God, but