Zingende zeilen: 99 molenliederen

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    English titleSinging sails: 99 songs about mills
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    Delcour, Jan [Author]

    Publisher Molencentrum Mola
    Year of publication 2009

    Dutch (main text)

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    Arts, culture and heritage > Literature, poetry, music & performance
    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Benelux


    Scope & contentForeword by Jozef Dauwe, MP for East Flanders.The introductory chapter, entitled 'The miller and his mill: 450 years of inspiration for singers' provides a historical background to the songs, collected in Belgium.Chapter I, 'The miller' briefly describes the typical miller's working life: songs numbered 1-14(B) are covered in this chapter. Lyrics and musical scores are given.Chapter II, 'The mill', covers songs under this theme, numbered 15-28(B). One is in French. Chapter III, 'The courting miller', covers songs under the theme of millers in love, numbered 29-55(B).Chapter IV, 'The millers as a thief', covers songs about cheating, stealing and short-measures among millers, numbered 56-66.Chapter V, 'Mill-dwellers', deals with the married and family life of millers and their households, songs numbered 67-79.Chapter VI, 'The old wives' mill', describes milling life from the female viewpoint, in songs numbered 80-82.Chapter VII, 'About the flour-bag', covers song number 83, a satirical song about flour-milling.Chapter VIII, 'Murder and mischief', covers songs under this theme, numbered 84-96.Chapter IX, 'The doomed mill', covers songs about the effects of the Industrial Revolution on milling, numbered 97-99.Also includes an extensive bibliography, a list of personal names with brief biographies, an index of first lines and a table of contents of the CD with a list of 14 songs and performers.

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