Windmills in the Pevensea Rape, East Sussex: Book 1

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    Bonnett, Bob [Author]

    Publisher Bob Bonnett
    Year of publication 2018

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    Scope & contentThis book grew from a book the author wrote on the mills situated around the town of Uckfield, East Sussex.
    This book is about the 175 windmills that once existed on the Pevensea [Pevensey] Rape, an Anglo-Saxon administrative district with the boundaries following geographical features such as rivers, though the area in the book is larger than the Saxon Pevensea Rape. It is one of six rapes in the county.
    The book is divided into three parts:
    Part I is an introduction to the book and six short chronological sections of the history and development of mills, milling and windmills from Neolithic times to the modern day.
    Part II is a detailed gazetteer of the mills: location [if known], the records, history, machinery, events, owners and millers, and fate. A detailed contents list of the mills is provided in the front of the book, organised alphabetically by place and subdivided by early mills and then individual mills. Apart from the windmills, the book includes wind engines, wind pumps, a wind crane, and horizontal mills. The book is amply illustrated with photographs, drawings, sketches, paintings and maps
    Part III contains mill related information: a glossary of mill terms; a selected source list; and an extensive index of the names of millers, owners and millwrights. A list of illustrations is provided at the front of the book. An addendum on the last page explains why the author has preferred the spelling Pevensea rather than the current Pevensey.

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