Müllereitechnisches Fachwörterbuch Deutsch-Englisch

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    English titleMilling phrases and definitions English-German
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    Theil-Kessler, G [Author]

    Publisher Friederich Vieweg & Sohn
    Year of publication 1955

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    Scope & contentThis edition meets the needs of the practical miller and allied tradesman for foreign milling phrases and trade terms. It is essentially limited to trade expressions not usually found in technical dictionaries.

    Written with German to English phrases and then English to German phrases. This book includes several tables; Standard abbreviations; Common milling terms in Germany, Britain, the US and Canada; Common impurities; Sack weights; Particle sizes of semolina and middlings; Weights per cubic foot of mill stocks; Mill capacity equivalents for Britain, Europe, South America, Turkey, USA, Canada, South Africa, India and China; Reform wire and DIN wire cloth thread count; Units of weight, capacity; length, measurements (mm to inches and vice versa).

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