Canals and canalized rivers: Vernon-Harcourt Lecture 1933-34

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    Saner, John Arthur [Author]

    Publisher Institution of Civil Engineers
    Year of publication 1934

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    Water supply & management > Irrigation & drainage

    Scope & contentThis lecture was delivered on 20 December 1933 to the Student's Meeting of the Institution of Civil Engineers. A similar lecture was delivered in 1912-13 and this lecture updates the engineering developments since the war to design, construct and maintain canals and canalized rivers.

    Contents: Cross section and speed; Locks and lifts; Lock-gates; Lock-sluices; Moorings etc; Weirs and sluices; Reservoirs; Banks and towing paths; Bridges; Developments in England, France, Holland, Sweden and Canada.

    There is a fold-out sheet of plates with diagrams of different types of lock (Saltersford Lock and Welland Ship Canal, moveable dams (New York State Barge Canal) and a swing bridge (Weaver Navigation, Acton Swing Bridge).
    Keywords dams, locks, sluices

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    • Notes: Vernon-Harcourt Lecture 1933 - 1934. Hard-backed reprint